Instinct Surfwear: The Return of an Icon…

Founded in Durban, South Africa in 1979 by World Champion Shaun Tomson, Instinct blazed a trail to become one of the most iconic surf brands of the 1980s. Instinct didn’t follow trends; it set them with unique style, quality products and groundbreaking performance that took surfing to dazzling new heights.
The Instinct legacy lives on and we invite you to join us for the ride.
Because surfing is life… and the rest is just details.
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Instinct Clothing & Accessory Range

View our full range of Tees, Volleys, Boardshorts, Hoodies, Caps and other accessories below. Our full Instinct clothing range is proudly manufactured in Durban, South Africa using responsibly sourced cotton from the African continent.


Featured Instinct Surfwear Products